Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Radioactive Waste Found in Ontario Groundwater

Ontario Ministry of Environment officials are downplaying the discovery of high levels of a radioactive substance called tritium found recently in the groundwater of a Pembroke landfill.

"While there was tritium in the ground water at the site, [it was] well below our ministry standards," said Ministry spokesperson Kate Jordan. "We don't feel that they pose a risk to the community or to the environment."

Tritium is widely used in nuclear weapons for boosting a fission bomb or the fission primary of a thermonuclear weapon.

The highest level found in the dump's groundwater was 1,000 Becquerel/Litre - which is 7 times lower than the level considered "safe" under Ontario law.

Not very reassuring when you consider that the the European Union's "safe" level of Tritium concentrations in water is 100 Becquerel/Litre. In California the allowable level of Tritium in groundwater is 15 Bq/Litre.


Dave said...

You know, you should at least link to the Globe article where you stole your story from. It's not like you had to do any reporting to find this story..

Jeff said...

Guys... Tritium is a very common hydrogen isotope used in everything from EXIT signs (which dont use electricity) to glow in the dark keychains and even wrist watches.. Tritium is also a naturally occuring isotope in the upper atmosphere.. You spin it like its some sort of high grade weapons class substance.. Do some research, put it into perspective. I grew up in Ontario, the MoH/MoE do take matters seriously and are not idiots....

Robert said...

Yes it can be created by such methods, but WAS it?

Your article makes it sound as if there was a dumping of nuclear waste, and yet there is NO data indicating that. WHERE did the tritium come from? Was it a natural deposit? Is that location a nuclear waste disposal site, or near one? If the source is unidentified, is somebody looking into it?

I'm sorry, but I feel as though this article is rather lacking and seems to have an accusatory tone without identifying either a suspect, or indicating that it could be natural.

I wonder, do you know that tritium, deuterium, uranium, plutonium, and even radium are all natural substances? (much like iron, we prefer the purified versions as opposed to the hunks you dig out of the ground.)

Shey said...

Sounds like bad journalism to me

myspace hacks said...

sounds like digg bait maybe?
Poop Willy