Saturday, 22 December 2007

Global Warming Claims Gretzky's Famous Backyard Childhood Rink

So would Wayne Gretzky have been the phenom he was in a warmer world?

Don't know, he probably would have just spent a lot more time at the local indoor rink, honing his genius hockey skills there.

Today, there's no ice in Wayne Gretzky's backyard - in fact there isn't even snow. Instead, there's just big, fat, warm raindrops.

Walter Gretzky's, Wayne's dad opines:

"... as a boy, he could skate for miles on the Nith River, which flows by that old farm – 'skate until you hit rapids,' he laughs – but lately the river rarely freezes over. And even when it does, you wouldn't dare risk stepping out on it.

Winters are warmer now,” he says. “There's no ice."

Maybe this is why we're seeing more and more imports from outside of Canada making it big in the NHL?


vkiperman said...

Global warming is a reality in Europe too.

Wayne Thomas Edwards said...

it would be a disservice to say something as silly as global warming claimed his backyard ice rink rather than just saying it just doesn't get that cold anymore.

You would have to back your claim of global warming with some significantly scientifically backed figures stating climate changes all around the country he lives in proving indeed that "global warming" had something to do with the demise of his icy cold winters.

It's just frustrating when the term is loosely used to propagate a story.